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Agriculture ETF Description


Agriculture ETFs are generally considered agricultural commodity ETFs or exchange traded funds. They typically track the performance of commodity stocks, particularly those related to food or the growing of food and other agricultural commodities or agri business in general.


Simple agriculture investing can be achieved through the many agricultural etfs available. Here is a complete agriculture etf list. However, the two largest and most liquid available agriculture etfs are below:


Agriculture ETF 1: Market Vectors Global Agribusiness ETF (NYSEArca: MOO) offered by Van Eck which directly invests in agriculture stocks and agriculture related stocks and closely tracks the performance of the DAXglobal Agribusiness Index.


Agriculture ETF 2: PowerShares DB Agriculture ETF (NYSEArca: DBA) offered by PowerShares and closely tracks the Deutsche Bank Liquid Commodity Index. This agriculture ETF invests in futures contracts on many agriculture commodities such as corn and wheat.


Why Agriculture ETFs:

The investment theme with regards to an agriculture exchange traded fund that invests in agriculture stocks is that as emerging markets grow and prosper, income levels in these countries increase as does the quality of life as well as demand for meat and dairy products; and by extension, animal feed and similar products.

We expect that these ETFs will only be some of the many similar exchange traded funds to come.


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